Tuesday Night Workshops

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Find the creative space within you. Take charge of your inner self. Peace of mind or wishful thinking.


  • Meditative Art: For 10 minutes, picture yourself on the ocean side, in Paris, giving thanks. You may have a fond  childhood memory.

  • Create a drawing or painting – It’s therapeutic, relaxing, pure and honest.

You will need:

  • Yoga Matt/ blanket
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Bring your own beverage and snacks
  • God and Goddess box
  • Put your hopes, dreams and wishes into a box. Wait and see, they just may come true.

Woman's Workshop

Woman’s Workshop

goddess boxes

Woman’s Workshop

Goddess Boxes

Woman’s Workshop

Goddess Box

This is a great gift to your self or for a loved one. Create this box for a creative way to communicate with your God & Goddess. I have been slipping notes in a box for a year and magically all of my prayers have been answered.

Allow 2-2 ½ hours.


This is a unique personalized gift for you or a loved one. This box is a daily communication with your god/goddess spirit. Insert your written prayers and desires and be amazed at how your prayers are answered.

After making your Goddess Box purchase simply click on ‘contact’ and message me your name, address and 3 of your favorite colors. I will apply the 3 colors to the box it will be revealed what goddess is appearing for you.

It works!

Goddess Box

Customer pick-up     $60.00

Shipped                        $65.00

  • Open Mic/ Open Art- Come in and sing, paint or both. One night a month let it all hang out. BYOB for a fun night.




2 Responses to Tuesday Night Workshops

  1. sharon mccarthy says:

    What day is open mic / open art…very interested

    • admin says:

      Hi Sharon,
      I will be starting up my open mic, open art nights soon. Please call me at 847-566-0884 for more information.
      Thank you

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